Workforce Health for Business

The rising cost of healthcare is a national crisis that continues to dominate our political landscape. Employers, who carry the bulk of this expense, are looking to their brokers for new ideas on how to mitigate these crushing costs. 


As your benefits partner, we help navigate the maze of healthcare resources, and provide creative solutions to address employee health costs from the inside-out. We help implement qualified plans that incentivize health, help drive down costs, and create a more positive workplace culture.

Gain a competitive

advantage in hiring.

Candidates are more likely to choose your company over those without a workforce health program.

Help minimize 

employee absences.

Absences cost U.S businesses over $500 billion annually. Workforce health programs significantly reduce absences related to health or injury.

Help increase

employee retention.

Employees are less likely to leave if a workplace culture increases their quality of life.

Increase your company's  productivity.

Studies show that employers who engage in a workforce health program, benefit from increased productivity and more positive customer experiences.

Help minimize risk exposure and claims.

Recent OSHA studies show that workforce wellness substantially reduces injuries and workman's comp claims.

Employee benefits are a smart tax move.

Premiums are pre-tax, and businesses with 50 or more employees can be penalized for not providing employee health insurance.